छोटी सी ग़लती…

लड़का रोआंसा हो गया “अंकल क्या मेरे कारण मछलियाँ मर गयी?” दुकान वाले ने कहा “नहीं बेटे मछलियाँ तो कई कारणों से मर जातीं है कभी मौसम या कोई बीमारी” इस बार अधिक दाने डाल देना भी एक छोटी सी ग़लती थी लेकिन अगर आप समय पर बता देते तो हम इसे सम्हाल भी सकते थे ।

Let’s allow our kids to fail too..

…. allow the child to fail at certain times. Allow the child to learn how to cope up with the failure. Make him or her understand that the dignity, confidence and decision making ability doesn’t come from theoretical studies or stories but it comes from facing real life situations.

Don’t wait for the right time….Get….Set….GO…!!!!

Don’t be afraid of trying something new….there is nothing like right time it’s the right move…. We may read or listen or preach this quite frequently but how many of us actually follow it. So I have a story to share with you that will surely pull your boots or will push you to thinkContinue reading “Don’t wait for the right time….Get….Set….GO…!!!!”

Why can’t We Decide when it comes to …..Thought Fighters ?

Thought Fighters ? You Must be thinking What’s this ? Dwelling in thoughts and Talking to People in thoughts…..any idea? ……. It’s very common, in-fact hobby of many, people usually talk to people in their thoughts. Specially those who have lesser chance to express or are rather suppressed, do this more. Why? Why is it?Continue reading “Why can’t We Decide when it comes to …..Thought Fighters ?”