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Thought fighters…. increasing … alarmingly

Thought-fighters think too much, think too much in advance, think on the line of “if…..and….then”. And the most important things is that most of the thought-fighters can translate only a little of it into action.

Do you remember the time when we were young…what you thought of….of the world? Of the career? Of the life partner and of your own self?

We use to be so happy and full of fun when we were young…almost every one of us were Something… ….were someone. But slowly most of us slipped to the side where, we are no one…..nothing (in comparison to others). What changed?

“………………” its a long story, actually a lot happened in the meantime. From the times …when we were growing up to now, the world looks different. All of us have our own sets of experiences and most of us are commonly concluding few things as :

# life has been tough to me….

# Nothing will change….(however I try..)

# New thoughts, new ideas have only cosmetic value…

# I am waiting for “………” to happen

# I will live my life when this will be accomplished…(Really?)

What brought all of us are on the same page?

What happened to our creativity, our different attitude and innovative idea?

Did we stop thinking or have we stopped living altogether?

No! No! we still think……but we think of politics, we think of finance, we think of future…we think of being young…. Now also we think a lot and then we don’t do what we thought about, instead we follow the routine. We do the regular work which we are supposed to do…that we have been doing as a ritual since years…probably without thinking about it. So all of us have eventually turned into “thought-fighters”.

By the phrase “Thought-fighter” I refer to a person who is still living in his or her thoughts, a person who has not left thinking but a person who is just thinking and not executing!!!

The identification of thought fighters is very important as it is the first critical stage of getting frustrated. And frustrating for a longer period ends up into depression….

We have heard and know that the leaders are thoughtful. They motivate others to think differently. The people who can think can make a change. But the difference between thoughtfulness and thought-fighterness is very fine and subtle. The difference is not actually in the method of thinking, it actually lies in the fact or the matter about which one is thinking.

Maybe we are not that thoughtful (as much we think). If one gets tired after thinking too much then probably one is actually thinking more like a “Thought-fighter”. Thought-fighters think too much, think too much in advance, think on the line of “if…..and….then”. And the most important things is that most of the thought-fighters can translate only a little of it into action.

Are we dwelling in dreams or we want to achieve….? Certainly we want to achieve, we wan to be successful, we want to be leaders in our own niche! We still work hard to achieve what we dreamt of, as a young boy or girl…

Then…what happened? What is the difference?Are you a thought-fighter? Let us see can we differentiate that are we a thoughtful person or a thought-fighter –

#Check_1: The thoughts of the thought-fighter are no more pure thoughts. It is more about competing with someone, punishing someone, showing someone their ‘place’, or proving our own “value” in front of someone. We think usually with someone else’s contexts… our thoughts are hardly about “us”. Isn’t it?

#Check_2: The Thoughtful person looks at the positive side of the coin. It is more about seeing and thinking of the ‘reality as it is” rather than as “we preceive”. Perceptions are usually based on previous experiences, memories or stories. Looking at the situation as it is actually without any pre-occupations has several “clues from beautiful nature”.

#Check_3: Too much of “If and But” in life. It’s good to be planned and it is still better to be well prepared for the day…for the year….for the life too? We can never be too prepared for life because it is not “we only” who are here. We are inhabiting the earth with several other creatures…at least we have to acknowledge the existence of fellow human beings….. the people living with us have an impact on our decisions, liking and disliking, our views and our lives. So it’s good to learn the rules of the game called life and practice them as the time comes rather than deciding that I will enter the game only If this happens but not when that occurs”. We may end up not doing anything after thinking a lot (sounds like thought-fighter? 😜)

#Check_4: Minute Observant….. usually thought-fighters are good observers of situations, people and phenomenon. They can easily point out the needle in the rags. However to pick it and place the needle or the rag right is a different story. So one who can see an issue, can think and discuss on all its aspects at length and Either choose to do a little or Can’t find suitable way to Act – On is a real thought-fighter. The thoughtful person will indeed start working on action even while discussing it….⚡️⚡️⚡️

Since we have been discussing on thinking process and thoughts, Just think, once more when was the time when you were lost thought of cherishing some action. Also try to think not of the time when you were like “Oh I thought about it first….. but never (got a chance) really acted…. So the idea was there in my mind…..” Try to be the doer next time and if you are the doer…motivate others to be on your side.

All the best….🙇🏻‍♀️🙇‍♂️

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