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I will tell about you to your …… Beware of these words

Sharing everything with family or telling the truth gave a lot of confidence..

“Common yaar Papa…let me buy a new set of cricket balls…how will I play today?

“No” …said his Papa. (Just one strong word, he thought Rishi will be quite now)

“Why No Papa…I tell you everything, what happened with Sharma, Gupta and Kirkire….”

“They are uncles Rishi”…..(Rishi, an outspoken -young boy of age about 14 – 15 years, full of enthusiasm)

“Uncles!!! they are not Uncles..otherwise, they would have discussed the matter with me and not blackmailed as ….we will tell your father Rishi” What do they think, I hide things from you….they don’t know that I am the first person to tell you everything…..”

“But Rishi you people play there and break the windows of their house…and…”

“No Papa No……we don’t play cricket in front of their house to break windows. In fact, they have made their house close to the playground and they want everyone to behave as if it is a “mourning place” (the son was not easy to handle)

“Oh son please….understand you are a kid and they are so elder than you…” (father finally said almost surrendered)

“then why they do not understand this fact that we are a kid and we want to play…….Do we question them….when they put loudspeakers on temples, just before our exams, or when they fight with others for small things on road….”

Ok Ok!! Ok!!! Rishi… now stop I will talk to them and go buy those pack of 4 balls for your team……(the boy went happily but father was worried)

In the queue before billing counter of D-mart, I was listening to this chirpy conversation between Rishi and his father (both unknown to me). It reminded me of those days when I was also young and somebody (my senior in college) asked me “you roam here and there with this boy, should I tell your father?” I did not reply but was smiling as…I use to be the first person to tell about my mischievous acts at home…. I too use to tell everything to my parents”.

We may not acknowledge this feeling at that time……but sharing everything with family or telling the truth gave a lot of confidence…It is not that you are allowed to do any dam thing if you tell it to your family or the person you value the most…..But definitely, it helps us to know what is that which we can share with our family respectfully. And if hesitation is there then something is wrong.  It also helps to decide when to stop……. too.

I have still maintained this habit, I share everything with my loved ones….even if I feel that I have done something wrong, It helps me to choose the right stand. It still saves me from unnecessary threats of …….“I will tell about you to your….”

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