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Eight signs that shows…..fragile mental state?

Are you too thoughtful? Are you a thought fighter? Are you a sympathy monger…? Do you feel like a victim most of the time…? Do You think rather believe that everyone is talking bad on your back…? Finally do you think you are on right side and come to a decision without giving a chance to others?

Huh….the list of questions may go on and on and but the bottom line is Is your mental state too fragile to be called “Normal”….. Many a times we don’t recognise this crisis until we enter the next phase that is closed to depression called “frustration”… Our conduct our behaviour has some hidden signs that are usually seen by others while we are not able to notice these changes… The typical eight signs that are kind of “key to identity fragile mental status are : (wait wait this is not a medical diagnosis…’s closely observed human behaviour)

  1. Unwanted and Non-conclusive Dream…..(clearly diagnostic)

threads of dream sequence coming and omitting quickly.. The most common one is running or chasing something unknown and finally reaching to a point which you have not thought-of in the beginning of chase. Many people start chasing a train and end up in a hillside/ home/ bathroom etc. Second common dream is getting “suddenly naked” in public like parties/functions or roads (sometimes running almost naked on roads). Other types include that someone is following you and you wanna get rid of this.. but the person (animal may be ) finds you wherever you hide. If one is frequently experiencing such dream then it’s time to sit down, give yourself and your thoughts some time…replay the situation in your mind and find the clue “what is bothering you”. Be brave to accept the answer and fight back.

2. Too afraid to be happy…….🥵

People are usually happy to be happy as you see a child he wants more and more everyday..more love, more caring, more chocolates, more time with friends, more toys…etc etc.. As we grow up our failures make us realise that everything comes with a cost 🤐. We realise that if we are happy (too much) today then something bad is waiting for us tomorrow. If you cross your fingers while happiness and if you pray God too much even in the most happy time of life. not thanking god but wanting assurance that the happiness must last without a hitch, that means you are unknowingly preparing yourself for the “hitch” Instead learn to accept happiness, learn to take thr praise gracefully….☺️ be wise and reasonable even when you are successful. Think of the best people and achievement in your life and be great full to all who helped in this journey, even those who didn’t.

3.Talking too much (mostly putting facts when and where they are not required 🤯)

Facts and data are to understand, analyse and conclude. They are also good for discussion and debate but not suitable for routine talks. Mostly guys try to recite facts and figures relentlessly, it’s a way to achieve dominance in the group. The people with fragile mental status are often haunted by these “statistically sound guys” thinking that “it is the way to win the battle”…yes discussion become battle for them. So if you are taking too much, usually explaining yourself, on simple occasions and meetings, You are not able to take the jokes cracked on you lightly... 🤬 and get in the retrospective mode immediately…you are at the verge of frustration. Take a back seat, lay down for a while, let people enjoy your weaknesses and be a part of the whole story….cause making fun of others is the new “in” thing today. Accepting our weakness is too easy in comparison to explaining ourselves with data and facts as our tool.

4.Dwelling in everyone’s story (thinking it’s pointed on you)

This is the most crucial sign of fragile state of mind as it is the first behavioural change that goes unnoticed for a long time till the other signs appear. The people whom I usually call “thought fighters” fall easy pray here. They get involved in everyone’s story, identifying with the humble – helpless character usually 😰 It become worse when we start thinking that the story was told to “point me” or is about me, even without thinking properly. There are many people out there who have similar stories as you do, there are people with even worse lot. It’s a kind of “victimising own self” feeling pity on our own self and then expecting others to understand as well. Although it’s just a beginning of the weak pointless thoughts but it subtly drag you down the fragility and tender state of mind. Beware of identifying yourself 😔 with some one or something either too low or too big for that matter, cause you yourself put your dignity on stake. Over estimation or under estimation of our capabilities of our decisions or our personality will definitely lead to failure. Do a proper evaluation of your own self in your own view with a flavour of truth and honesty to climb the heights….not dig into the lows.

5. Too much hunger (especially on road trips 🍺🍫🍿)

Yessss you get it right….hunger is listed even in the psychological books as most common sign of anxiety, depression, frustration. Science says that we have a complex neural network in our ‘gut” that influences our thoughts and get influenced by our state of mind. Remember gut feeling!! Hunger on road trips or when you are not in your house is even more sensitive and close sign. This correlates with our changing thoughts when we are looking at objects (while driving or moving) and still having the troublesome thoughts in our brain. So both of them makes us an “easy target of roadside food stalls”. These road side stall usually look like places full of happy happening young people that attract us in search of happiness. We end up eating too much and feeling more lonely and distracted after having full meal. Can you identify this phenomenon ? I have No remedy for this…just eat less to be healthy 😜

6. Frequent quoting and re-quoting “inspirational quotes”… 👩🏻‍🎓 again trying to be “intellectually noticed” (in fact Reading then to quote in public/ discussion)

The heading says that all. Read stories to read, enjoy and also learn a bit not to recite. We are no more kindergarten kids that we need to recite a poem, story or a quote to prove our intellect. Our way of working, conduct and vision proves it. 🎯Be a storyteller rather, be the one whose thoughts are quoted not the one who mug-up the quotes.

7. Too emotionally involved with almost everyone who shows a bit of sympathy

Playing a victim is most easy, most closely observed phenomenon of sympathy mangers. Such people are too emotional and creative in the thoughts but too less productive on field. They cry too easily in public or get angry for small reason or no reason indeed, shout on the loved ones (again more in public), ignore the true words, being painfully straight, and chose the cheesy sugar coated sympathy instantly. This is not being emotionally attached to the person or the situation it is a way to express loneliness and feeling of seeking attention by any means. The common saying is “be brave in decisions and gentle in behaviour….chose the sharp truth over sugar coated lies”

8. Making loops of thought (jumping topics/people to prove a point) 😇👾

The last in the list but not less important in any way is the looping in thoughts, jumping topics and discussing people, personality that identifies the problem more easily than focusing on solutions. Do you loop in 🕸 your thoughts in a way that even after discussing for a long time, you don’t move even an inch towards solutions. Have you ever thought of the time (s) when you start discussing something and ended up into a remote topic. 🙃 Yes it’s a common phenomenon but it become dangerous when we do this almost ever. The frequency of such occurrence is important also the number of people with whom this is happening. If it occurs occasionally, particularly when there are more than 3 persons then it is a normal one. But the moment you start doing it more often even when you are alone or with just 2 persons, then it is a problem. 🔗🔗 Remember it’s not the third view or person that is going to help… it’s you and only your close loved one who can be of some help. The people who pay too much attention to every minute detail of the road often remain stranded in the way. Be focused and avoid too much distraction to reach to the end of the road.

The above signs are purely observations and sequencing them here is completely independent of the sequence of their occurrence in a person. Maybe all of these may not appear together or always (if someone recovers fast). But it is time to think and take corrective measures if anyone find more than three signs in him or her.

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