What we chose is what we become….a short story

Today I am going to be story teller, telling an unusual story. It’s story of comparison; comparison usually a negative word but holds lot in it. Whether we like it or not BUT WE ARE BOUND TO COMPARE.

So as you now know this story is about comparison… there were two friends, who decided to start their new business at almost same time. Their business idea were different so actually no direct competitions was in scene. Their business idea had very different portfolios, one was electronic and another was FMCG ..dairy. Although Both of them were venturing into new area but they had strong business house backing. Both friends thought of doing clean good business and pledged to quality. QUALITY indeed was their USP (unique selling point). Both were growing fast and spinning money..So what was the difference ?

Difference was in the attitude!! One friend believed in “knowing all” and taking “right decisions” about the policies and day to day work while other worked with a “populist mindset”. Being populist and involving opinions of all the stakeholders including customers, took too much of time and sometimes seemed futile. Where the first one, the Dairy, soon expanded and he opened branches in different states, earning handsome profits over initial investment, the other one was still slower. However with time the electronic items gained pace and now were known to almost all who mattered. The second friend now thought of expanding the line of products and also provided a good customer support, after all it was people’s demand. So he was busy in starting new product line, investing in and extending support to customers.

Both the friends soon had competition in their own fields and it was actually a tough situation for them. The dairy based businessman thought of making advance customer plans and floated the plan of “customer loyalty” i.e. advance booking the required quantities of products for almost an year or at least 3 months. Customers were already satisfied with the quality, he presumed; so advance booking will not be a big deal.

The other friend further invested in new innovations with customised support to the stakeholders and now competitors could not cope up with his new ideas, even when they were relatively cheaper. The FMCG business however began to succumb to the competition and people started opting out of his brand. The “know all” friend was astonished ‘what is happening’ . His products were BEST in the market with MOST competitive prices, so what was the issue?

If you are reading through this…Do you have any idea? So here is what this comparison holds for us.

Do you really have answers that what happened to the two businessmen friends? Why one friend had a Happening business and the other one was Suffering?

So finally to sum up in a conventional way, moral of the story is

• The difference in their attitude is the key… the Dairy businessman was actually authoritative. He believed in himself, which was a good thing, But he believed only in Himself, which became dominating.

• Gaining confidence of people on your products is easier but gaining trust on your intentions is tough. One has to be open in planning and transparent in policies to gain wide support.

• Talking of people’s support; the populist democratic way of working was the first and foremost thing the electronic businessman started with. His business planning was inclusive, involved people and therefore transparent in policies.

• He gained trust and build his products suitable to the need of the customers making them feel important. Ideas and feedback of stakeholders were asked for regularly, so they had an advance information on what is going to happen and where their products will lead to in future.

Can you draw an analogy here with the current political or social scenario?

Do we want a “know all” authoritarian person to make all our decisions OR we want to be party in the decision making process?

Do we actually believe that someone can make all the “right decisions” for us and will have the right to book our demands and requirements for the future Or we actually want to be flexible, improvising and innovative.

The choice is ours, what we want……

An authoritarian is good or an all inclusive accommodative is better….. we have to be in command…. its not them who will decide our future BUT WE WILL DECIDE WHAT WE WANT.

I believe that we become tomorrow is decided by what we chose today, what do you think?

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