I wanna be loser….

Loser! loser!! loser!!!….Back in school- college days….my friends (?) and relatives will usually call me by this name …quite often . And pinched with the thought, injured deeply in my heart, I would put all my efforts to not to be ” “one” (a loser). But…. winning was never that easy for me. I would work hard, please people and play trick, sometimes cheat too, to succeed. Sometimes I would win also but again the so called “friends and well wishers” looked at all my success as grace of God or sheer luck… after all I have to learn to be humble and polite after winning. Although other winners seldom saved me from there aggressive showcasing of success. This God’s grace record player and “Almighty takes care of all its subjects” school of thought would again leave me clueless that really did I worked or it just happened as if it was bound to? Anyways my title “loser” was always kept safe (for me only…) and as if they were waiting to Throw it back immediately on me as soon as I committed any (or usually many) mistake.

Soon I started enjoying my failures as it will not lead to any rise in benchmark ( its tough to live with loads of expectations!!!). Further, to add icings on it, I was more like a free soul, after every failure (how ironic???). I was able to do whatever I want, observe what so ever was available either hell or heaven or befriend with anyone, even the poorest or worst guy on earth (theoretically). This opened a completely different world to me. People were more sharing and caring in my world and not competing to cut me to a corner. Here was a world where we coordinated together, developing means to cope up with the “crime” of being a loser. We would again commit mistakes but now each mistake will become learning for the others in the row..(not a laughingstock). Slowly I don’t know How and would rather ask Why (?) I was no more called a loser. I was able to laugh on face of failures and would leave any challenge to compete with anyone with a smile, leaving my competitor wandering about my mental state. While the achievers would now look nervous fearing any risk of losing a battle may it be studies, career or relationships. But I (and many losers like me) am always ready to take life head-on and rather give life a second chance…then third…and many more chances to test my steel…to test that I am not going to break. I will slowly make my own small place in this Big world. …….I have stopped playing tricks and no more cheat to succeed but I do only that what I love to do (or Not do anything for that matter).

I and many losers like me are in no competition with anyone or for anything but almost all of us want to share it loudly and rather with pride that I (we) wanna be loser…for rest of my life

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