Ten on Ten

Ten on Ten is the most tempting number, yet haunting many, at least me..and I bet there are many like me. Who would not like to be ten on ten or would have not pursued the ten on ten dreams in life. Say it or not most of us are stuck there…no I am not talking about marks scored by students or the targets achieved by managers. It’s there in everything and every bit of our lives…we want to be Ten On Ten Mom/Papa, Ten on Ten Wife/ Husband Ten on Ten friend…worker….doctor… and the list is endless. The Ten on Ten haunts us to do that either we can’t or we don’t want to do even if we can. It pushes us like Motivation and ends up in frustration.

Before getting stuck in this futile cycle of Ten On Ten Goal – efforts to achieve this Goal – Identifying the shortcomings and then Again marching towards Ten on Ten; let’s answer few of theses questions:

  • Why to rate my work, feelings or ME for that matter..on a Ten Point scale?
  • Why to rate anyone on this scale? AND
  • Who has the capacity to rate me or you for anything and everything?
  • Most Important of all What if I achieve this Haunting Number? Will it end my run and bring me (you or others) the feeling of complete satisfaction? Or should I keep on Running all my life?

I want to know all the answers first; before anyone wants/force me to start this race. I will do what I want and would do so with my own will.

Anyone can Judge me for my success and failures but Nobody can be judgemental towards my efforts and Intensions to be Successful….and yes I will spell my meaning of Success.

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