3 sentences that can save you from stress

Agree ??? Disagree ???

Stress is a word which everyone uses frequently may it be a 4 year child, 14 year boy or girl or 40 year women. The older we get the more commonly we use it. These 3 sentences are the tools I have used in my life to save me from stress, mostly if not all the time. Not talking too much on what, why and how, I put forth them:

1. Even if this concept/ idea is wonderful but I disagree !!!!

Disagreement is a normal thing in a conversation, in life, while planing something (big or small), deciding on which school, dress, food, toy are any dam thing for your child or even while playing if you are still a child. But!!!! we have not allowed it to be normal in our lives. What I mean here is, now a days disagreement is taken too seriously and we don’t believe in diversity of thoughts and approaches. We are afraid that expression of disagreement may lead to a hot discussion and finally to drifting away in a relationship, whether professional or personal. Actually hiding our actual opinion and shying away or fabricating a response is more dangerous. It reduces the chance of learning either yours or of your friend/ parent/ boss/ colleague in question. Expression of disagreement in subtle, calm manner with rightest choice of words is more beneficial than a fake agreement. Moreover its an irresponsibility to our own self when we believe in one opinion and agree upon another – making it one of the root cause of stress. So practice to express your views which may not agree to most in the room and own your disagreement.

2. Even if I can do it but I don’t want to do it

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Many a times we do things which we don’t want. May it be for sake of others’ happiness or maintaining peace, Just don’t do any thing because you are supposed to do that. Exceptions in this case are the situations of life and death for someone or when it comes to you boss’s order. Here you have no choice!!! In all other cases you have the right to say NO !! But again you must be capable enough to bear the consequences. It is important that we must learn to calculate what could happen afterwards and prepare ourselves for that. If the result is unpleasant it will be an experience and learning and if it is pleasant it’s a bonus. Usually, We find it easier to say “I Can’T DO” in place of “I Don’T want TO DO”. It can be safe escape too, but it brings stress to hide what YOU CAN. Many a times the person asking for a favor knows that you CAN, you have the expertise rather. It also starts a chain reaction of lying and hiding – which is another important root cause of stress. Say that plainly that you don’t want and wait for the time till it is digested by your friend, neighbor, colleague or partner.


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This is the most important sentences that works in most of the situation and is again a common thing. Let me put in a small story here. When I was a young girl studying in class 7th, Mathematics classes were most horrifying. Like most of the Mathematics teachers our Bariq sir was also too strict and discriminatory. He would easily identify the weak students and target them (atleast we felt this way). All of us (who were not so good in numbers) use to work extra for his class and were extra extra extra stressed too. Cause a poor mathematics = poor brain = poor marks = poor career = X = Y = what will others SAY!! One day a smart girl called Jyoti got admitted in our school. She was so confident that what she is good at and what she wants that she was not at all stressed of any of these XYZ things. She would enjoy Hindi Poem recitation, English drama, poltical debates and would talk about the current affairs of the world. Needless to say she wasn’t stressed in mathematics class, she was not even afraid of Bariq sir. When sir asked about why she got such a poor marks in mathematics or Why She could not get a simple concept of algebra ? (Look what he use to say….SIMPLE CONCEPT OF ALGEBRA !!!). Her answer would be always “It may be a SIMPLE thing sir but I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT….with a smile. She knew what she understood well and what she could do really well. So the key was accepting what you are good and even taking what you are not able to understand with same confidence. No peer pressure. No pressure of society and hence NO STRESS.

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Ai Weiwei



बिक रही है हस्तियाँ, यादें, रिश्ते और रुसवाइयाँ

बिकता है हर कुछ यहाँ, बाज़ार है ये आदमी का

मकानों, दुकानों, डिग्रियों की शक्ल में

क़ीमत लगाई जा रही है आदमी की, सामान की तरह

बुलंदी के शिखर पर बैठ अक्सर सोचता है वो,

ख़रीद लिया उसने आदमी को

भूल जाता है लेकिन, इस बाज़ार में ही लगना है मोल,

एक दिन सभी का।।

ख़ूब बिक रहे हैं पैमाने, अक़्लोंहोशियारी मापने के

नीयत देखने का चश्मा जो मिलने लगे बाज़ार में,

हमको भी ख़बर करना…

कह के गया था कि लौटेगा नहीं कभी,

तंग गलियोंडिब्बेनुमा मकानों की बस्ती में

नज़र नीची कर लेता है आजकल वो

कि, होनी के आगे टिकता है कब ग़ुरूर किसी का ।।

पेड़ों से छनती धूप, फूलों से ढके रास्तों का शौक़ है सबको मगर

वीरान दिखता है हर वो मंज़र जहां से, गुजरता है कारवाँ आदमी का

हक़ ना समझो इस कायनात पर, जागीर की तरह

जब चाहा मिटा दिया उसे, जोतुम्हेंग़ैर ज़रूरीमामूली सा लगा

काश कि देख पाते तुम कि उजड़ गया जो चमन तुमसे

उसमें हर ज़र्रा, हर एक दरख़्त, घर था किसी का ।।

ख़ूब तरक़्क़ी कर ली है इन्सान ने चाँद सितारों तक, लेकिन

जिस दिन सुकून से सो सके हर बच्चा, हमको भी ख़बर करना

मुमकिन है बहुत कि ज़रूरतों की कसक और सिक्कों की खनक

भुला दे हर सबक नेकनीयत दुआओं और ईमानदारी का

याद रखना ये मगर, बाज़ार कभी नही चुका पाता मोल ज़िंदगी का ?



I weigh 65 again!!!

Hey you look great!!!” said she, an old friend when we met after a couple of months. Mmmhhh (assessing weight ! ) have you reduced almost 4-5 kilos? Yupp 👍 this was me weighing 65 kg… again.

Few years back…..

On a pleasant day, three happy ladies in their thirties, were roaming in a Hypercity mall, looking 🛍 for nothing actually. Me and my two friends, quite confident of our looks and social status, were looking at the young girl and boys passing us. They were chatting and laughing loudly, busy in discussing about some contributory party, calling it TTMM (Tu Tera Mai Mera = you yours me mine). We had more money but still felt little jealous too…. Cause, such happening things were not there in our city when we were young. It was like none of us wanted to grow up and we were forced to do so. Anyways that’s life….was in our thoughts, which all three of us grasped silently looking at each others expressions.

Further we saw a group of ladies, possibly middle aged, coming out of a small cafe after their kitty party 🥳. They were also talking loudly (like the younger group) but the topics were changed as……..”you have gained weight, I am going Zumba now a days to reduce weight, ‘X’ beauty parlour is the best…..they do corrective makeup and so on…” Miserable!!!! Are looks everything to them? Again a silent expression and conclusion (ahh we are better) along with a tint of happiness.

We were walking and also judging others as ‘how this guy is dressed up or how that girl is leaning shamelessly on her friend… so many thisssss and thattsssss’. There was a free weighing machine outside a fitness accessory store, and guess what? Hhhh 😊 ladies never waste any chance to use Free things. So? So obviously we checked our weights and then the whole world turned dull…. 😟 believe me, it happened. I was weighing 78 kgs!!!!!! It was like all happiness and confidence melting down. Immediately I felt that I am Not looking that good as I was thinking. How is this possible? I do a lot of household core and also am a working girl….correction…..lady…..woman. So how it happened to me? (as if it’s an infectious disease 🧐). Same was happening to my friends, they were also like plus sizes….. again a silent conversation and we decided to leave after this incident (I also realised that day that we were really good friends and three times on the same day we communicated without uttering a word….thankful to God)

Image credit- feminismindia.com

Rethinking about the whole day I had serious discussion and arguments with my self and finally got some answer to what happened? Here it is “Putting on weight slowly slowly was kind of family tradition for us. We considered it as a sign of ageing 🙃. Yesss, NOT obesity but ageing!! So it was just okay with me while I was gaining maturity weight!!! I was never skinny but always had a balanced height and weight ratio. Physical stamina was also good being a sports person in school days. Additionally being slightly dark toned, weight and vanity were never my concern.

But…. is it really that Simple ? Is it that I don’t bother how much I weigh? How do I look!!! Since it was a slow process it was late when I realised that I am obese, touching 80 kgs in late thirties. “Looking at mirror, feeling embarrassed 😩, pointing the extra layers of fat here and there…losing confidence….(this was me a few years back when my weight increase to 78 from 63 kgs).


Coming back to the same “Hey you look great!!!” Complement, 👍. More confident and 😊 happy, this is also me weighing 63 kg… again. So weight and confidence are inversely proportional !!! Super conclusion this time. she asked me how I managed to do so ? How I got time for myself with all the responsibilities as a wife, mother and a working woman 👩 (no correction from girl to woman, I have accepted my age). “Yes it was tough to lose weight…….I joined gym, started cycling, controlled what and I how much I ate and above all constantly reminding my self that I am Obbbbbeeessee (Motu)” was my answer. To which she added “it’s good that you could do all these, let me see if I can also shed some kilos, but it is more difficult in my situation” ( she felt that she is still obese).

While we were talking on all the weight and look issues and how happy one feels on reducing weight or wise versa becomes unhappy 😔 on being called “Motu” (fatty). I also remembered the days when I use to weigh only 52 kgs at the time of my marriage, still was considered fat. Initially, when I gained weight, 58 kgs something, after my first child was borne, it was really difficult for me to find beauty in me. Slowly everyone got accustomed to the changed look 👀, often teasing about it. I would ignore the comments on my body and think that it is absolutely okay to be little fatty😉. But after my second child was born, the weighing scale started showing 68 kgs. Now it became more difficult to ignore those comments on “how I am looking” . I thought of doing exercises and planning my routine, but nothing happened. I was very busy in managing home and work front and raising kids. So now with increasing weight, my feelings were, it is fine in my situation and somehow I was able to justify my weight gain, which gradually touched 78 kgs mark. With this much weight other problems like short breathing and sleeplessness accompanied obesity. I decided to do some physical exercise daily and was determined to do so. Eventually my health improved and weight reduced to 65 kgs. So I was looking better again, as others would complement or at least would communicate by their gestures. The 65 kg mark on weighing scale was once a problem for me but now it was a complement.

Again at 65 kgs mark on weighing scale I don’t know whether I have gained weight or lost it. But I know this certainly that It was not that how I looked at my self or how I felt. It was never about “me”. It was always about how others perceived my weight, my looks and what others felt about “my body which they considered as me”

Is “looking good” so important? FAT OR FIT IS SLOWLY BECOMING FAT Or CONFIDENT! Or worse FAT Or BEAUTIFUL!! Why Reducing weight (being fit) is related to confidence or when it should be correlated to health? Now, I could also figure out that “how this “Good looks” mindset have become the driving force for fitness and beauty industry. Are not we becoming 🎷 🎺 instrument in hands of others just to look good?

Above all do we want to LOOK GOOD or we want to BE GOOD? hardly we people are thinking about BEING GOOD ACTUALLY.


My life my Choice…..Are my choices mine?

Decisions that we take make us and design course of our journey called life. Decisions…….timely…late….good….bad…..wise…..foolish…..wrong…..right……just……huuh, this actually interests me and irritates me equally. I feel no one on earth can say that he or she has never made a wrong decision if someone claims that then the person is either GOD or HAVE NOT TAKEN ANY DECISION. Why? ….you also know this that we are what we choose and what we choose depends on my decisions “what not to choose” that is what we actually Reject. So are we choosing or rejecting…anyways. Thinking on this line I felt that our decisions are actually the result of our past and fear of future, I call it “cause and effect equation of decision-making” There is a story…..to better catch this process –

“I met this boy who was about 25 years, well educated (MBA) and was looking too confident and impulsive. Yet he was too much talking and jumping grounds while talking. He was tall, dark and handsome but still had no girlfriend or job…what was the issue. He had a fair idea of what life is, what he is expected to do at this stage, what money is to him and his family and most importantly what people thought about him. So it wasn’t a case of…but still he was not doing good in his life or was not happy…as it could be observed in his overenthusiastic talking. SO WHAT WAS THE ISSUE….img_4031

This boy had a background of the humble middle class where things are bought only when you need them dearly and almost every occasion or person is evaluated in terms of ‘profit-loss’ ratio. They thought that it is better to keep money stored in banks and investments in property, rather than going for a trip. Someone’s marriage or death!!! was enough a cause for such trips but travelling for the sake of travelling was a waste of money and time both for them. His family believed that success doesn’t come easy, achievement in life rarely coincide with interest…One has to go against one’s desire and interest and struggle in life to be successful. His father’s portray of life was being a selfless (???) person, burdened with responsibilities  (so responsibilities were the struggle and not choice). The mother who was afraid of father’s anger had actually no voice and soon she learnt that display of ‘self – pity and weakness’ are very important to survive with this man.  Happiness was something he was not very happy with……the fun part was lacking so seriously in this family that this boy felt fun is a sin, that the luxury of fun is available only to rich… Rich means what? having more than the close door neighbour and relatives..so the richness was also not absolute neither the fun. Like any other human being, he would love to make friends (girls toooooo), would go out if somebody else is paying or would find a serious genuine cause for spending money….kind of justifying fun. So the cause was ‘too much idealism’ in the family along with ‘weakness is desired’ factor.

What was the effect of this cause?….See the effect…The boy....He was intelligent, energetic and eager to grow financially and socially, probably he wanted to get rid of this ‘oh poor’ title. He had great dreams in life and is dedicated to pursuing them… (good effect???). So he rejected all that was fun, all that could have brought genuine happiness without a reason…all that could have taken a toll on his idealism. He rejected the fact that he liked history, literature and politics more than maths and science. He thought that interest in these subjects would definitely make him happy reading them…so it will be easy….but easiness was not the ideal way…struggle was. But the rejection of what he actually liked, was hurting him….he was turning into an angry self-pity replica of his father…unknowingly (effect…again!!).  It led to negative results in all that he tried…because he was trying to be successful and strong; NOT because he desired to do that. He was putting all his brain in the direction where he was expected to put (what he was expected to be “rich and famous”) but all was going into vain…… he passed all exams till MBA but with poor grades. He was a poor fellow who felt one-day GOD will see his struggle and idealism and will bestow the best things and a beautiful a girl to live happily everafter…(as they say). Nothing like this seemed to be happening with him, rather his friends (selfish people!!! as he use to call them), who were less caring about the idealism and there parents liking etc. were happier. Few of his classmates excelled in the same subjects and got picked by top rated companies and he was still sitting on interview bench waiting to be picked up….WHY…? probably they were doing what they actually wanted to do, they were ‘selecting’ NOT ‘rejecting’. Rejection leaves us with NOTHING neither the thing nor the feeling but selection will surely yield something either the ‘thing’ or the ‘experience with the thing’.

NOW, THIS WHY IS VERY IMPORTANT: the struggle is not desired or is not chosen but fun and happiness are!. People love to say that they did this for them…I find this line very funny as I feel…strongly, that “no one does anything for anyone but they do it by choice…that is the decision is there own? NO GOD is going to help us if we choose to reject but will definitely be with us if we choose to select what makes us actually happy”. We are responsible for our own happiness and not the past or future. Again Choosing happiness….that is the decision of selecting things or people for happiness is again complicated….how we can be sure that this person or thing will make me happy forever?

Wait for the next story………………………………………………………………….soon…..



Why can’t We Decide when it comes to …..Thought Fighters ?

Thought Fighters ?

You Must be thinking What’s this ? Dwelling in thoughts and Talking to People in thoughts…..any idea? ……. It’s very common, in-fact hobby of many, people usually talk to people in their thoughts. Specially those who have lesser chance to express or are rather suppressed, do this more. Why? Why is it? Are they afraid of insult or are cowards? NO…. I would rather call them Fighters….”Thought fighters” There are many who talk to their teachers, parents, officers or rivals, very violently and aggressively at times, but all in their thoughts or dreams.

I was also one of these “thought fighters” few years back. I would talk to all those whom I disagreed, in length, but not in reality. My debate in my mind will continue for hours and sometimes for days with the people, those people who were completely unaware of this fact and would have been enjoying their life at that point…hhh so this was more a problem than a solution. Then suddenly I could see the what actual problem was – The problem was that I couldn’t not decide what to do when it was most crucial?

Why decision making is so difficult…. particularly to those who are more sensitive and caring. Decision making is not tough it’s rather a simple algorithm of facts and wisdom. Yet it has never been taught to us, we were rather taught to follow decisions taken by others (orders!!!) We were not allowed even to ask why this decision was taken for me? Or Why I wasn’t party in this decision ? Anyways with such conditioning, Can anyone suddenly take right decision at right time….that is when there is a need or when it comes to decide finally…..To top it with more stress…. zero error rate is expected, that too without genuine practice. There are thus many “thought fighters” bred in our culture, so was I. To come out of these cycles of generating more and more thought fighters we must start practising fee simple steps of decision making:

  • What is this ? (Do I know about this Situation – Temporary or Lasting/Beneficial or Damaging )

* Yes – go ahead

* No – gather more information

  • Why I am part of it? Is it required really?

**If No… .. Move Out without hesitation

** If Yes..to what extent I should be involved?

  • Do I have resources ? (Very Important)
  • *Yes – go ahead,
  • *No – Gather resources

Be confident and Speak up your mind, then and there…as any thing that come to us whether it is expressed in words or acted upon or kept to ourselves will be a Decision……

Do you still want to be thought fighters or real Life doer…choice is yours.


Ten on Ten

Ten on Ten is the most tempting number, yet haunting many, at least me..and I bet there are many like me. Who would not like to be ten on ten or would have not pursued the ten on ten dreams in life. Say it or not most of us are stuck there…no I am not talking about marks scored by students or the targets achieved by managers. It’s there in everything and every bit of our lives…we want to be Ten On Ten Mom/Papa, Ten on Ten Wife/ Husband Ten on Ten friend…worker….doctor… and the list is endless. The Ten on Ten haunts us to do that either we can’t or we don’t want to do even if we can. It pushes us like Motivation and ends up in frustration.

Before getting stuck in this futile cycle of Ten On Ten Goal – efforts to achieve this Goal – Identifying the shortcomings and then Again marching towards Ten on Ten; let’s answer few of theses questions:

  • Why to rate my work, feelings or ME for that matter..on a Ten Point scale?
  • Why to rate anyone on this scale? AND
  • Who has the capacity to rate me or you for anything and everything?
  • Most Important of all What if I achieve this Haunting Number? Will it end my run and bring me (you or others) the feeling of complete satisfaction? Or should I keep on Running all my life?

I want to know all the answers first; before anyone wants/force me to start this race. I will do what I want and would do so with my own will.

Anyone can Judge me for my success and failures but Nobody can be judgemental towards my efforts and Intensions to be Successful….and yes I will spell my meaning of Success.


थक कर, राह में रुक कर देखा जो आसपास

विरक्त मन और क्लांत है तन, अंधकार का नही कोई छोर

भीतर बाहर कालिमा में घुलती गंध जलते लहू की

सहना मुश्किल रहना मुश्किल, कुछ भी लेकिन कहना मुश्किल

औक़ात क्या मेरी क्या तेरी, बस रोटी – पानी की है दौड़

चलते रहने की क़ीमत पर, सहते रहना भी मजबूरी

बोलने की है आज़ादी फिर भी, चुप रहना भी मजबूरी

चमक दमक की आग में देखो तन भी जलते मन भी जलते

झूठी लेकिन शान दिखाने जलते रहना भी मजबूरी

जब से सीखा लिखना – पढ़ना, देखा सुंदर संसार का सपना

नीला अम्बर, हरी वादियाँ, मीठे झरने, चहचहाती चिड़ियाँ

उकेरता था भोला बचपन, चित्रकला की कॉपी में अक्सर

क्या अमीर और क्या फ़क़ीर, कौन नायक था, कौन था वीर

धुँधलाते बचपन के साथ धुलने लगे सारे ये भ्रम

काश कोई ये बतलाता तब, ये पुतले हैं बस माटी के

घुल जाएँगे बारिश में एक दिन, पीछे छोड़ेंगे बस कीचड़ !


जलती सिसकियाँ

आज जो तुम मौन खड़े हो सब जानते हुए

कल तुम भी पर बीतेगी, तब मत रोना

अनदेखा कर रहे हो आज उसकी बेबसी

कल बेड़ियाँ फटें तुम्हारे पाँव तो मत रोना

वक़्त पूछेगा हिसाब, हर उस लम्हे का

जब मूक दर्शक बने, क़िस्सा सुन रहे थे उसके लुटने का

जो जलती रही चितायें यूँ ही सिसकती तितलियों की

तुम तक बचा सकोगे अपना दामन,

ये आग किसी की सगी नहीं होती

मौक़ा है आज आवाज़ उठाओ, आगे आओ और आग बुझाओ

ऐसा ना हो कि जलने लगे, चिरैय्या तुम्हारे आँगन की भी


उठो!! विद्रोहिणी बनो


उठो आगे बढ़ो

आसमान कोई टूटा नहीं है

बलात्कार है बस एक दुर्घटना

दिखाती जो एक नीच की नपुंसकता

लज्जा का आभूषण जो बेड़ियाँ बने

उतार फेंको हर उस आवरण को

याद रखो

प्रकृति में सब कुछ नग्न ही है

फिर तुम ख़ुद की नग्नता से ना डरो

हुंकार भरो और नाश करो ।।

लोग मोमबत्तियाँ जलाएँगे

शांति मार्च के नाम पर कई क़िस्से गढ़े जाएँगे

होना कुछ नहीं इस नौटंकी से

दुर्बल समाज की सहानुभूति की आस में

तुम स्वयं अपना अपमान ना करो

शील – संकोच से बांधने का खेल

सदियों से है खेला गया

ये समाज आज क्या कर लेगा

जो सीता के अपमान का भी मौन साक्षी बना

सहानुभूति – सुरक्षा के आश्वासनों के

छद्म चक्रव्यूह को तोड़ो

अपनी शक्ति की पहचान करो

शरीर की कोमलता, लाचारी ना बने

सृजन की ताक़त रखने वाली बेचारी ना बने

क्यों परदे में छिपें हिम

अंधेरों से, रातों से या बलात्कार की

आशंका से क्यों से डरें हम

जिस दुर्घटना के अपराधी नही

उस की सजा के भागी क्यों बने हम

नंगी मानसिकता से लड़ना हो तो

नग्नता को ही अपनी ढाल चुनो

चरित्रहीनता के आरोपों से

अब तुम और ना डरो

उठो!! विद्रोहिणी बनो



घोंसले की चिड़िया

घर के पास वो एक पेड़

जिस में हर साल घोंसले बनाती है चिड़ियाँ

नर्म पंखों से रोकती है धूप और बारिश

कि उन नन्ही चहचहाटों को सहमा ना दे हवा

जतन से सहेजती है, सम्भालती है अपनी दुनिया

जानती है कि उड़ जाएँगे ये एक दिन

नन्हे चूज़ों के बड़े मज़बूत पंखों और

ऊँची उड़ान के सपने संजोती है चिड़िया

पतझड़ सावन शरद बसंत

हर मौसम लाता है हर साल एक नया रंग

सुबह से रात और फिर सुबह, वही कहानी

रोज़ बचाती है वो अपना घोंसला

तूफ़ान तो आएगा ही, जानती है वो

कि उजड़ना ही है सब कुछ एक दिन

कई बार बसाया है उसने ये बसेरा फिर, फिर और फिर

फिर भी, बदलती दुनिया से डरती है चिड़िया


दवा – खाना

दवाखाना में डॉक्टर बच्चे को देखते हुए –

डॉक्टर : ये दवाएँ बच्चे को दिन में तीन बार सात दिन तक लगातार लेनी है । याद रखना ख़ाली पेट दवा मत लेना नहीं तो तकलीफ़ हो जाएगी फिर तबीयत और गड़बड़ हो सकती है । अगर कुछ खाने का मन ना हो तो कम से कम एक कप दूध और दो ब्रेड खा लेना तभी दवाई लेना। हो सके तो पेट ठंडा रखने के लिए कोई फल खा लेना बीच में या नारियल पानी ले लेना

आदमी : साहब क्या दो बार ही दवा नहीं दे सकते या केवल चार दिन तक ? बताया था ना अभी थोड़ी दिक़्क़त है पैसों की (संकोच के साथ कह पाया) ।

डॉक्टर : अरे ! चार दिन में ठीक होता तो उतने ही दिन की देता ना। अच्छा पूरी दवाएँ मैं अपनी ओर से मुफ़्त दिला देता हूँ। अब तो ठीक है? (असिस्टेंट को दवा देने का इशारा कर दिया, भला आदमी था डॉक्टर)

आदमी : बच्चे के साथ चुपचाप बैठा रहा। बच्चे का बदन तप रहा था लेकिन असल परेशानी तो ये थी कि अभी पिछले कई दिनों से काम बंद होने के कारण घर में एक ही टाइम चूल्हा जल रहा था। दवा मिल भी गई तो तीन बार क्या खिलाएगा “मुन्ना” को ? और फिर दूध??

डॉक्टर : ये लो दवा । अब क्या सोचने लगे? चलो अब सात दिन बाद फिर दिखाने आना।

आदमी : मन ही मन सोचने लगा काश केवल दवा से ही मुन्ना ठीक हो जाता !